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Dormitory Introduction



Dental dormitory

Dental dormitory D-10-**-*, No. 110, Section 1, Jianguo North Road, South District, Taichung City 40201
(Sample of receiving address: room number + address)

  The Dental Dormitory is located on the 6th to 12th floors of the Oral Medicine Research Center building of our school. At the beginning of the building's construction, the above-mentioned floors have been planned as student dormitories. Therefore, although the building space is shared with the College of Oral Medicine, the lobby of the building has an independent entrance and elevators. The resident director office and security room of the building is double guarantee for the safety of boarding students.

  The exterior of the building presents an L-shaped architectural plan, so that the 35 suites distributed on both sides of the corridor, and with an average interior space is 25-27 square meters, all have the natural lighting conditions of "windows in every room". In terms of bedroom planning: there are three-person suites and double-person suites. The beds in the three-person suite are all designed according to the dormitory design of the National University, so that each dormitory student's desk and wardrobe are placed under the individual bed, making the interior space three-dimensional, and allowing students to read and rest in the dormitory. Double suites have flat beds.

  The Oral Medicine Research Center building has complete fire-fighting facilities and conducts regular fire safety inspections every year. The dormitory area is equipped with a 24-hour central air-conditioning system and a night-time hot water supply system. The rooms and corridors are all laid with seamless fire-proof (flame-proof) floors. In addition, in the public areas on each floor of the dormitory, there are also hot water dispensers, coin-operated self-service washing (drying) machines, and social hall facilities to create a comfortable extracurricular living environment.

Appearance environment
Dental Dormitory is located on 6F~12F of the Oral Medicine Research Center building,
the school and the hospital are located on both sides of Wenxin South Road.
The lobby of the building has an independent entrance and elevators.
Green 3, 73, 58 and other buses connect to Daqing Dormitory,
and 159 connects to Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Taichung Station.

Floor plan

Dental dormitory floor plan
Room type

Triple suite

Double suite

Number of rooms 486 146
Bed material wooden frame, wooden plank aluminum frame, wooden board
Bed size 195 cm x 90 cm 200 cm x 95 cm
Bedroom equipment bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, bookcase, internet hole, air conditioner (central air conditioner)
Square meters 25~27
Fee (TWD/month) 3500 5000
Security deposit 3000
Utility bill The dormitory fee includes the basic fee of water, electricity bill.

Each dormitory with bathroom (360-degree panoramas per household)


The bed group plan is the same as that of national universities.
Every resident student has his own independent corner.

For flat beds (aluminum beds).
Renovated from a triple suite.


Public area 360-degree panoramic view of living room, laundry room.
Dental Residence Hall & Laundry Room

360-degree panoramic view of meal preparation area.
Dental Residence Hall & Laundry Room


Daqing Dormitory

Sample of receiving address: room number + address
Area A of Daqing Dormitory A-04-**-* , Daqing Male Dormitory, Chung Shan Medical University, No. 190-1, Gaogong Road, South District, Taichung City 40241
Area B of Daqing Dormitory
(apply for sophomores and above)
E-06-**-* , Daqing Women's Dormitory, Chung Shan Medical University, No. 15, Gaogong South Road, South District, Taichung City 40257

    The Daqing Dormitory area is located on Gaogong Road, the distance from school is about 1.7 kilometers, there are buses between school and dorm such as Green 3, 73, and 58. There is a bus every 10 to 20 minutes, and the journey takes about 5 to 6 minutes. Citizens of Taichung City or students studying in Taichung City, holding the bound electronic ticket (EasyCard, iPASS Card) to take Taichung City bus, enjoy the first 10 kilometers for free, and the upper TWD 10 limit discount.

    There is also a laundry area, providing coin-operated self-service washing machines, dryers, and a meal preparation area, providing drinking machines, electric pots, microwave ovens, induction cookers, in living room space on the first floor of dormitory.

  Daqing Dormitory is a family-style building, it is a personal room for 3-4 people (360-degree view), sharing bathrooms device (360 degree view). Each single room provid air-conditioning system, and there are different sizes from 7 to 16 square meters, and divided into three types: small, medium, large.

Floor plan 360 degree view
360 degree view
360 degree view
Floor plan of building A in Area A of Daqing Dormitory Floor plan of building B in Area A of Daqing Dormitory
Floor plan of building C in Area A of Daqing Dormitory Floor plan of building E in Area B of Daqing Dormitory
Features of our dormitory

  In order to provide students with a stable extracurricular living environment, the school has always spared no effort in the management and guidance of student dormitories. Although dormitories are off-campus, but there is no difference in the management and safety for dormitory. Therefore, both dormitory areas emphasize:

◎Fire safety: through escape drills and regular fire training for freshmen, the use of all indoor fireproof (flameproof) material compartments and curtains, annual regular fire inspections. No cooking, no smoking and no high power consumption equipment requirements in dormitories, to ensure the fire protection and electricity safety of the dormitory living environment.

◎Safety, counseling and care for boarding students: In addition to the school’s 24-hour answering service (school security hotline for instructors on duty), each dormitory area has 24-hour resident directors and security guard on duty, to form internal and external double management. Security guards are responsible for patrolling and visitor control in the whole area, and resident directors are responsible for the entry and exit of dormitory students, life counseling and management services, and provides necessary services, including: mail package pickup and life care.

◎Maintenance (repair) service: Regular maintenance and replacement of consumables, self-service washing (drying) machines, drinking machines, air-conditioning will also be maintenance, disinfection and cleaning during the summer vacation.

◎Others: Activities will be held every semester, hoping to promote the acquaintance and connection among dormitory students through the activities. Dormitories are close to the road, using bicycles for transportation, walking (Oral dormitory) or taking bus (Daqing dormitory) is also a good choice for dormitory students. It is very convenient to eat around the school and dormitory or go shopping in the city center. Large-scale stores such as: Aimai Fuxing Store, Damai Guoguang Store, and Costco are located within 1.5 kilometers from the Dormitories. And nearby high speed rail, railway and highway, the traffic is very convenient.